Benidorm, Spain World Cup

AJ August stayed in Europe after the Christmas race block. He went to Mallorca for a training camp. 

Quality training, motivation, and great company in great weather. 

Benidorm is next up on the World Cup schedule and directly inland from Mallorca, so a convenient transition. 

AJ is the only USA junior racing here. His program is slightly different from the rest and focuses on the overall World Cup, the USA Nationals, and then finally the World Championships in Hoogerheide, NL on February 5th. Slightly fewer races, but quality over quantity. 

After a first lap crash, luckily in the pit corner so straight in and a bike and shoe change. Made it back to the front after posting the fastest laps in the race. Still leading up the final dirt climb, but finished 4th on the day. A technical course, a lot of gravel/sand on concrete. Transitions from a lot of different surfaces and stairs, a different race, in a different climate, and a ton of fans out. A special race for sure. AJ is now 9th place overall in the Junior World Cup standings. 

Next stop Besancon, France.