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Our Mission

In 2015, the FinKraft Junior Development Program was born with the goal to create an elite junior cyclocross team capable of competing at the highest level of the sport nationally and internationally.

Our mission is to cultivate accomplished student athletes into elite world-class competitors while also supporting their development into strong, independent adults by coaching them to perform under pressure, build resilience, and ultimately, achieve top-tier results to carry them to the highest levels of the sport and life.

Team Calendar

GO Cross
Roanoke, VA: September 17-18

Rochester Cyclocross
Rochester, NY: September 24-25

Charm City Cross
Baltimore, MD: October 1-2

World Cup Tabor
Tabor, CZE: October 23

Kings CX
Mason, OH: October 22-23

World Cup Maasmechelen
Maasmechelen, BEL: October 30

Koppenbergcross – Melden
Oudenaarde, BEL: November 1

Pan American Championships
Falmouth, MA: November 4

European Championships
Namur, BEL: November 5

Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross
Falmouth, MA: November 5-6

The Northampton International
Northampton, MA: November 12-13

North Carolina Grand Prix
Hendersonville, NC: November 19-20

USA National Championships
Hartford, CT: December 9-11

BEL: December 26 – January 9

Support the Program

FinKraft Junior Cycling Team is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

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