Koksijde and Superprestige Gullegem


David Thompson gets in on the podium, after a steady race in the top five, moving into third place on the last half-lap. A fantastic result on an iconic race course that requires a tremendous amount of skill in the sand.

It was a great race for AJ as well, placing fifth after being in second at one point of the race. A few mistakes cost him the podium.

Ben finished a solid 26th.

Finley raced with the elite women and once again got some TV time, finished 55th.

Superprestige Gulligem

This seems to always be a muddy one. Haylee Johnson scores another European podium in a similar fashion to David’s race in Koksjide, moving onto the podium in the last half-lap.

Fantastic progress for Haylee in the Kerstperiode, and this was definitely the icing on the cake to cap off her cyclocross season.