Allamuchy Short Track MTB Race

On Sunday we woke up to gray skies and as soon as we got to the race venue it started to rain. Mud and no shortage on rocks in Allamuchy. Warm mud and warm slick rock where not so bad though. Awesome turn out and a really fun course, due to the weather it has been awhile ago since we raced here.

45 mins of muddy racing suited me well and I guess CX has something to do with that. Managed to race smooth and fast and finished first in the Crazy Men Category,, scored a box of girl-scout cookies , so a good day.

Finley lined up with the Silly women and rode really smooth over now really slippery rocks and even more mud…..and felt really good she said ,,, but encountered a mechanical with her chain due to the mud build up. So back and forth in the lead , having to stop 4 times to put her chain back put her in 3rd place. Disappointed, but still got some cookies and there is always a race next weekend again. Fun times and great people putting these events on. Thanks everyone.