High Point Hill Climb and Quabbin Road Race

Andreas chalks up another TT win @ the High Point Hill climb in the 45+ . Glenn takes 7th and on the women’s side Kate Tormey is 2nd this time . High Point is a very challenging climb with various pitches and a hard climb to find a rhythm on . Next TT will be tomorrow in the NJ TT Cup Series with the Somerset¬†Circuit .

Photo Credit Jan Curran



The now Classic Quabbin Road Race also took place last weekend . Finkraft had 3 riders in the Men’s 40+, with Roger, Rob and Herb . Not a selective course and a somewhat tactical race our team were technically riding for 5th place due to missing the break and not enough man power to chase . 10th and 11th place with Herb’s help leading into the final uphill sprint. ¬†Audrey Friedrichsen and Nacy Ford took part in the Women’s Pro 12 finishing in the group as well . Great race and great weather for once .