David Thompson: Coffee, Chocolate Croissants, and Bike Culture

Team rider David Thompson has published a post about his experience as part of Euro Cross Academy:

The crisp fall air hits me as soon as I step off the train and set foot into Maastricht, the capital of south Limburg, here in the Netherlands. We are here for a quick afternoon of urban site-seeing and a short break from bike racing.

I’m immediately stunned by the people commuting on bikes and the vast pool of pedestrians crowding the nearby streets. We pass countless different shops filled with amazing European foods and goods before crossing the bridge over the Meuse and into the heart of the city. At the exact moment that we cross the bridge into the inner workings of the city, it starts rising to let a cargo ship pass underneath.

As we crest the top of the ramp, a perfect view of the breathtaking city comes into view, swamped with bikes and people. Crossing over the bridge for the first time is something I’ll never forget.

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