Hop Brook Clif Bar Dirt MTB Race

Sunday June 7th , Hop Brook MTB always marks the CT MTB Race kick off for the season. Great course and very nice dry fast conditions this year.

FinKraft brought 3 juniors and 5 masters to the race. The juniors dominated, Frank Jr winning the cat 2 15-18 year olds by a healthy margin. Sierra Vasquez and Finley Aspholm races the girls 13-14 year age group and took First and Second with Sierra leading the way.

We split up the masters in the 40’s , Roger , Frank Sr and Charlie and Wilson and Christoffel in the 50’s. Roger won the 40’s , but due to true MTB fashion no results has been found yet for the rest of the boys. Both fields were big and very competitive of course , fun times with team and a great event. Thank you , onto the next one.