Sierra Vasquez Opens Her MTB Season in Bonelli, CA with a Win

Sierra’s race report:

This weekend, March 17th, marked the beginning of my racing season. I raced at the Frank G. Bonelli park in San Dimas, California. The days leading up to the race I was feeling slightly nervous but on race day I was excited and ready for the race. I lined up next to only one other girl in my category 3 under 14 race. Thankfully there were other women that started at the same time as me so I could race more than one person. Right from the get go I noticed something was a little fishy. After the whistle blew I started my race fast like I always do but once I reached the first climb which was not too far, I saw that nobody else was with me. I maintained my first place position throughout the race and even passed some people from the men’s race. The views on the ride were so beautiful that I felt like I was in a Trip Advisor commercial. There weren’t many technical sections of the course but there were a lot of long steep climbs. Upon my return to the venue my dad confessed that he had made a mistake when registering me into the race. A few months ago I was upgraded to category 2 racing but my dad must have forgot so he put me in the category 3 race. In the end I am looking forward to racing next weekend in Temecula, California and being in the correct category.