Bear Mountain Spring Classic 2017

Cycling has no roof over the courses and even it is  2017 we are still looking for that perfect clothing to protect us from the elements . The Bear Mountain Road Race was a perfect example how mother nature always is and always will be still stronger than anyone of us . Heavy rain and pretty cold temps where on the menu for this year’s edition . No cobble stones, no tight towns to fly through , but still an epic course with the classic 50 mph down hill and a 180 degree turn at the bottom.


Our FinKraft troops Roger, Herb and Rob lined up and raced our bikes to our best ability. Small field , but still a race and a few good strong men showed up. Frank O’Reilly was the strongest of the day and rode away for the win. That left us to fight for 2nd or survival , however we look at it . We came , finished and all went home with a smile on our face .