The Water is Still Warm and the Views are Spectacular

Our FinKraft Team consists of many athletes doing a lot of different sports all the time. Our team is really divided into 4 teams. The Men’s Road Cycling and Off Road Team make up half the team, but then we have the other half. The Women’s Cycling Team and our Multisport Team that our runners and triathletes are part of, these two teams kind of mix and melt together, and they all do a little bit of everything, but are still two separate teams with their own tight groups. Our teams pretty much race all year around, so with this big family there is always something to do with somebody. I think that is a unique concept and a very motivating model for a team. A great group of people and everybody brings something interesting to the table.

Jocelyn Gertel who is on our women’s team raced the Westchester Triathlon for the second time this weekend and here is her story about the race.


“The morning weather was a chilly 47 degrees but the water was still much warmer than last year. I headed out with a large wave of 40+ women and for some reason didn’t find my rhythm in the swim. However, I jumped onto the bike and quickly overtook several women in my age group moving from 10th place into 3rd by the end of the bike. I maintained my position in the run for a third place finish. My bike and run splits were slightly faster than last year but my swim was slower. The view of the LI Sound was spectacular and I look forward to doing this race again hopefully with some teammates next year. ”

These are the small success stories what makes our team so great for everybody. We do our best and we have fun doing it. This past weekend our team participated in 4 cross races, 2 Triathlons ( one IronMan) and a 5K and a MTB race, so plenty of stories, this is just one of them.

Keep it fun and good luck this coming weekend.