FinKraft Zwift Wednesday SLAM


The FinKraft Road Team is hosting a Zwift 90 min group ride every Wednesday morning at 5:30am EDT.

Zwift is an online indoor cycling destination that places you and your bike into an immersive 3D landscaped course with other cyclists from around the world. You can learn all about it here.


  • Watopia Figure 8 Course (Reverse Direction/Loop)
  • Meet at the Start/Finish banner at 5:30am EDT / 10:30am GMT. This is not a formal race but it will be conducted at a tempo pace between 4-5 watts/kg average over 2 laps (approx 90min).
  • A 15min warm up will occur at 2.5-3.5 w/kg to make it easy for people to join.
  • The ride leader will call out the remaining laps / time.
  • No waiting for dropped riders. Be mindful of the draft effect on Zwift. When you lose the draft of the group you can quickly find yourself off the back. Feel free to rejoin the group at any time.
  • Add (FinKraft) after your name to signify you are part of this group ride.
  • Ride Leader: TBD each week. . Look for (FinKraft Leader)
    after the name.
  • No TT bikes.
  • No power ups, except to catch back on if dropped.***TEAMSPEAK Info:
    TeamSpeak here:
    Server address:
    Channel: Zwift Public 1