Augusta Race Report

A report from our friends at Skylands Racing on this week’s race:

As we begin to close on the 2012 Augusta race series. Last night’s Tuesday ‘A’ race saw probably the best racing of the year. Some of the top racers on the East coast showed up, including Florida pro-racer Donny Autore and an Olympic hopeful from Venezuela. Under perfect conditions, the ‘A’ racers put on a dazzling display of speed and power. Attacks and counter attacks were constant throughout the 1 1/2 hr.race. Cat 1 Bill Elliston and Visiting Pro racer Donny Autore powered a 2 man break early on but the talented field blitzed all the attacks until with 2 laps to go, Cat 2 Andreas Runggatscher, FinKraft Cycling Team propelled out of the field and stayed away for the win. Mike DeGeorge took the field sprint, while series leader Keith Hala looks to take the top honors for the year.

FinKraft Dominates SCCX

The FinKraft crew had a great day this weekend at the Sussex County Fairground (SCCX) with several top 10 placings:
Maria – 1st – Women B’s and Second overall Woman!!!
Jon L – 1st – Master’s 40+
Paul D – 5th – Master’s 40+
Adam 7th – Master’s 40+ (despite early mechanical)
Stoffel – 11th – Master’s 40+
Mark Pondorf – 6th – Men’s Elite race (1 hour)
Craig Rotile and Jocelyn were riding well until each suffered race ending mechanicals.  We had the FinKraft kids out there as well enjoying the unseasonable temperatures.

Teamwork Nets 5th Place at Mangoseed

Here is Paul DeBartolo’s report:

Jim Mahlmann rode a great race on Saturday in the Cat 3 Mangoseed Restaurant – W.S. United Race in Prospect Park, with a solid 5th place finish. Three FinKraft riders lined up (Jim M, Rob L, and Paul D). Early on there were numerous attacks trying to get a move formed and each of us tried at least once in the early goings. Midway through the race, they rang the bell for a $50 prime, so I went hard on the hill and got a small gap and was shortly joined by a Kissena rider. The two of us worked hard but to no avail. The pack caught up to us by the parking lot, at which time Jim M countered the move and formed what would eventually be the winning break. With the stronger teams represented in the break, we shared responsibility with BH and BVF to cover any attacks attempting to jump across. The break dangled off the front within viewing distance for several laps and once the chase from the field slowed, they built a 30 second lead, despite getting neutralized at least once when they caught the main field of the 40+ masters race. The break stayed away and Jim managed his 5th place finish. Nice job Jim and Rob!! 

It was a fun, clean race without incident or in particular any negative racing going. Jim feel free to add details on the action from the front!!

Jim, the man of the hour, also added:
The race was a lot of fun on Sunday and we all did the right thing to get someone in a break. The break was a little too big but we were pushing hard and some riders were starting to struggle. There were a few guys who I knew were faster finishers than I so I was planning on attacking the break with 3 or 4 to go. We ended up catching the 40+ field, giving them a chance to recover so that when I did attack the break they were able to pull it back together.